Fried bananas

Thai fried bananas (Kluay Kaek) are a common dessert in Thailand. They are found at street vendors throughout the country.

Article number: R012
The coconut batter, and fried, add a crunchy crust around the fragrant sweetness of the banana.

Recipe Info For: 8-10 persons
Preparation time:   15 minutes (with real   coconut) five   minutes (with coconut   in a bag)
Preparation time: 15 minutes

6   bananas   (Yellow   with a little   green). The sturdier the better.
1 cup   rice flour   (Or   all purpose flour)
1/4 cup   Tapioca   Starch (or   cornstarch)
1 cup shredded coconut
1/2 tsp.   Baking   Soda
1/4 cup   sugar
1 tsp.   salt
1 tablespoon.   sesame
3/4 cup   water
4 cups   vegetable oil for   frying

Mix   all of these ingredients   In a large bowl: B loem, Baking   Soda, sugar, salt and sesame seeds.
Joint   water   and mix well. Add   grated coconut, add fresh coconut milk.
Pry   Coconut   Meat of   Shell Shred   in Food   Processor. Mix   the batter   to a thick mixture.

Put the pan on the stove   to high temperatures.
Joint   oil in the wok   or   fryer.
Dip each   banana   the batter   and coat   thoroughly.
Lay   the coated   banana   in the hot oil.
Fry   banana   until it   golden.
Turn   bananas   several times in a wok or deep fryer, let   approximately one   minutes on each side   cook evenly.
Remove the   banana   of oil,   and   drain on   paper towels.

The banana   out   the fryer   very hot, so let   they are a bit Cool before serving.
A great way to   eating them   in house   is to serve   with ice.

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