Pad Thai Noodles fried in Egg Wraps

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Certainly   one of the most famous   dishes   of Thailand,   and it is   extra special   and easy,   Lobo   has a   delicious   user recipe.   We also explain   how to   the famous "Fold-over   Omelette - style " to prepare.   It is   authentic!

Pad Thai Noodles fried in Egg Wraps

Ingredients (for   2 persons)

Lobo   Pad Thai   Stir-fry   Sauce                             1 packet
Fresh   rice noodles   or   The name   Chan   noodles         200 g   (7   oz)
(Or)   dried   Chan   noodles or   beans   vermicelli    120 g   (4.2   oz)
Peeled   fresh shrimp   100 g   (3,5   oz)
Cubes   additional   firm tofu                                 100 g   (3,5   oz)
egg 1
Vegetable oil                                              3 tablespoons
Picked   bean sprouts                                                 100 g   (3,5   oz)
Chopped garlic   chive                                 3   stems


• Heat the   pan, add   of oil, followed by   prawn   and additional   firm tofu.   Helm   until just tender   and break   The eggs   in the pan.
• When   egg   begin to   cooking, add   Pad Thai   Stir-fry   sauce, followed by Chan   noodles.   Keep stirring.   Gradually   sprinkle with   water to   Boil the noodles soften.
• Add   and bean sprouts   garlic   chives.   Stir   for 1 minute,   to remove   to serve.


• If   dried   Chan   noodles or   beans   vermicelli   is used,   Soak   in water for   about 15 minutes   to first   to soften.
• The used   yellow   tofu   be fresh   and free of   sticky   and liquid stench.   The   bean sprouts   must also be   fresh and crisp.   Dip   bean sprouts   in a solution of   water   and vinegar   equally   to make   crispness   longer.
  When boiling, stir quickly   the noodles   and let   the taste   thoroughly intrekekn. Fry the egg   with   a little   quantity   oil   at   High Temperature to a   thin smooth   plate   baked   egg   not   oily   achieve.
• If the hot   , add   ground   chilli pepper and stir.
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