Red curry with chicken and bamboo shoots

Red curry, you can also prepare pork, beef, shrimp, fish or tofu.

Article number: R005

1 can   Red curry paste
1 can   Coconut milk
1-1 ½ pounds.   Chicken, cut into   1/3 "- thick slices
3-4   lime leaves,   in twain
1 can   bamboo   shoot   strips
1   el   palm sugar
2   el   Thai   fish sauce   (Nam   Pla)
1 cup   water
1 cup   loosely packed   fresh Thai   basil


Fry the red curry paste with 1/2   tin   coconut milk,   in a pan until fragrant, with the aid of   medium-high heat.   Stir   so that it does not burn, about 3 minutes
Add beef   slices   and kaffir lime   pieces there.   Helm   until well   is mixed   with curry   sauce and the   meat   cooked.
Add the rest   of the   and coconut milk   bamboo shoots far.   Then add the water and then   bring to a boil.
Reduce heat   moderately low,   and let it simmer   for about 15   minutes, or until   the meat   cooked.
Joint   palm sugar   and fish there.   Stir well.   Adjust the   flavor to your own taste.   The sauce   may not   liquid and   not   thick.
Finally, add the   Thai basil   leaves together,   and turn   the fire immediately. In this way, to the leaves   continues to retain the green color.

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