ROYAL THAI - Sticky Rice 4.5 kg


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Thai sticky rice, also called sweet rice, is a short grain rice that is sticky (or tacky) when cooked. It is the staple food in the drought-prone northeast Thailand, because it can grow without flooding the area, unlike to jasmine rice.

Enjoy and steam sticky rice in our traditional rice steamer for a delicious addition to your next Thai meal. Sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk makes a delicious dessert, especially served with ripe mango. Sticky rice is perfect for eating with your hands rolled into a small ball and dipped in spicy sauces - like Green Papaya Salad juices or bottled sweet chili sauce. Served this way with Thai Barbecue Chicken is a famous open marketplace meal.

The preparation of sticky rice can be a bit strange at first sight, but it is very simple. The easiet and most foolproof method is to use the inexpensive traditional steamer: a conical bamboo basket resting on a spittoon - shaped metal pot filled with boiling water. Sticky rice must be pre-soaked before cooking: four hours minimum or overnight. the soaked rice is placed in the conical basket, covered with a pot lid (one that rests about January 1 to 1/2 cm the rice in the basket) and then adjust the boiling water to steam until tender. Test by pressing between your fingers-it should still be firm but not hard. The actual time depends on the time soaked and the age of the rice.

Sticky rice is suitable for inclusion in a gluten-free diet.

If you store all types of rice should be stored in a cool dry place in original packaging until opened. Transfer to an airtight container once opened. Use all kinds of rice within one year after purchase.
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