Shrimp Tempura

A worldwide favorite. The secret in making the crispy outside is to use cold water when mixing the tempura flour to the batter and not overheat. Lobo tempura mix makes it so easy.

Article number: R026

Shrimp Tempura

for   3-4 people

Lobo   tempura   Mix   1 packet
Lobo   Panko   bread-crumbs   1 packet
Prawn   500 g
Cold water   1 cup


• Remove the   prawn   head, but let   the tail out.   Peel,   devein   and clean   shrimps.
Place   three to four   diagonal cuts   on their stomach, depending on   their size.

• Empty   the content of   tempura batter   in cold water and mix.   Helm   until well   is mixed,   but be careful that it does not   takes too long.

• Keep   prawn   by the   tails   baptism and the   in   batter   until well covered.
Put them in Panko   breadcrumbs.

• Set   large amount of   oil in a   frying pan   and bring it to the   high heat.   Once   oil   hot,   less   heat, put   the shrimp   upside down in order to ensure   that they are   immediately   to come out   when cooked.   Remove from   oil, and   pat dry.

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