Spicy beef salad (Laab Neua)

Laab Neua is a dish from the North East (Issan) region of Thailand. It is popular throughout the country and you'll find dining options from the North to the deep South.

Article number: R015
1 pound beef, pork or chicken
1/4 cup   chopped   spring onions
1/4 cup   of   roasted   milled rice  
1 tbsp finely chopped   fresh Thai   chili
1 tablespoon chopped fresh   kaffir   lime   leaves
2 tablespoons   Thai   fish sauce
Half   lime
Coin   for garnish

Heel   the flesh, but do not chop it too fine, so   it still retained a texture.
Add 1/4   cup of water in a   hot pan   and add   the meat there.   Container for 3 minutes, stirring constantly until dry.
Add the   kaffir lime   leaves and   the roasted   rice there.   Helm   well and   turn off the heat.   Joint   chopped green   onion. Add   pepper and   fish sauce   and stir well. Add 1/2   lime   and stir well again.
Serve   on a dish and garnish with mint.

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