Spicy Thai fermented pork sausage (Nam)

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Spicy Thai fermented pork sausage (Nam)

Ingredients (for   8-10 people)

Lobo   Nam   Powder   spice   1 packet
Lean pork   (Cooled)   ½   kg   (17,5   oz)
Cooked   pork   (Cooled) 250   g (9   oz)
Coarsely chopped   garlic 3   tablespoons
Chilli Pepper   (Bird   chili) 10-20


• Wash   lean pork   ½   kg   in cold water, and   then pat   dry with paper towels.   Start with   the cutting of meat   and then   chill. Lay then   in the   freezer.
• Clean the   cooked   pork   250 g   with cold water   and then pat   dry with paper towels.   Cut   in the   and medium-   long strips   around   1-1 ½   cm.   Cool   in the   the freezer.
• Empty   the content of the   Nam   Powder   spice   along with   Nam   salt in   the chopped   pork.   Quickly   Knead   the mixture, while   the meat still cold.
• Add   pork rind, garlic and   chili   bird.   Knead the   mixture   rapidly.
• Pack   the mixture in   a plastic   sleeve   or plastic bags.   Press to air   to purify and   firm   envelop   Rubber   tires.
• Let   at room temperature   for 24 hours   then serve.   This preparation   can   one week   last   when they are stored   in the refrigerator.

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