Steamed shrimp with bean vermicelli in clay pot

A specialty in luxury Chinese restaurants. A delicious pot seafood dish with subtle Chinese herbs and spices.

Article number: R023

Steamed Shrimp with Bean Vermicelli in Clay Pot

Ingredients (for   2 persons)

Lobo   Potted   Seafood   Spices   Paste   1 packet
Bean   vermicelli   100 g   (3,5   oz)
Lard or   bacon   100 g   (3,5   oz)
(Or)   vegetable oil   3 tablespoons
Prawn   300 g   (10,5   oz)
Chopped   Chinese   celery   2-3   is the result


• Was the   prawn   thoroughly and remove the shield.
• Cook the beans   vermicelli   in water   until soft.   Heel   in shorter strings and   mixed with   other ingredients.
  Slice   lard or   bacon   10-15   pieces   and put them   in   The pot   soil.
Vegetable   oil can be used   as a substitute for   lard.
• Place   Chinese   celery, vermicelli   and shrimp   in the   pot.
• Connect   the lid   and place the pan   on low heat   for 15-20 minutes. Serve warm.


• Not the shrimp   too long steaming.
• Se rveer with   Thai   seafood   dip   to taste   (Optional) to improve.
• In addition to   prawns, it may   Potted   Seafood   spices   pasta   be used with   crab,   mussels or   scallops   separately or as a   mixture.
• Ceramic   and stainless   steel pans   can be used as   an earthen pot   is not available.

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