Thai Pumpkin Custard

Sankaya pumpkin custard or Thai is a Thai style, where a slightly sweet coconut milk and the egg custard is steamed in the inside of a hollowed out pumpkin.

Article number: R004

1 Japanese   pumpkin
10 cups   water (steam)
5 eggs
1 cup coconut   Milk
1/3 cup   Palm   Sugar
Pinch of salt
Pinch of cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Cut the   pumpkin   just like you   would for   Halloween.   Cut the top,   remove all   seeds of the pumpkin.
Crack the eggs into a bowl, add   coconut milk, salt, cinnamon, vanilla and palm sugar.   Stir   to   the palm sugar   mixed in   the mixture is.
Pour the mixture into   the pumpkin.
Bring water to a   the boil in a   steamer.   Then place the pumpkin and   the pumpkin   cover   in the   steam basket.   Cover the pumpkin   the lid.   Set the   pumpkin   cover in the   steam basket   at the side, so that the   cooks   Also.
Place the   basket   on the steamer and cover the   basket   the lid.
Steam   for about 45   minutes.

When you think   it's time, open the steamer and prick with a fork   in the   custard   to verify   it is good. If it looks like Dad, the little longer in the steamer.
Take the basket out of steam   the steamer   and let   the pumpkin   cool down.
When you are finished   to serve,   please   a knife   and cut a wedge   from the pumpkin   just   as if it were   is a cake.   The   custard   must be securely   enough to   per se   to be and   no   Dad.

All you can eat the custard and pumpkin.

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